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I was messing around on Facebook alittle bit to pass some time. I happened to come across this amazing post that someone had posted online. I will post the link at the end of the post along with my normal photo. I wanna take a minute though and speak my mind. I know times are hard and everyone want’s to make money. So alot of the time people will go and pick up a camera and claim to be a Pro Photographer. I don’t even claim this myself. I know the definition of a Professional is “someone who get’s paid for what they do” I think for me it’s alot more than that. But I am not here to say what is or is not a Professional. I know there is alot of people who have different views on this. Either way for me the reason I decided to pick up a camera and shoot was not only was I passionate about Photography but, I wanted to make a difference in people’s lives. I wanted to either be able to make a change or make them feel really good about themselves. I wanna affect them in such a amazing way that it will last them and there family a lifetime. So as I said earlier I was on Facebook and saw a post about how one Photographer had made a difference in this woman’s life. I hope that one day I will be so lucky to do that myself. I will warn you though. It is alittle sad though. so make sure you have a tissue beside you. Feel free to comment and tell me what y’all think of the post. Here is the link to the letter that I read .  http://fototails.wordpress.com/2012/01/02/a-letter-on-my-doorstep-portraits-are-more-than-paper/ 

So about today’s photo. I got tired of not being able to shoot cause it has been so cold here. So I caught a day that the weather was around mid 50’s. So I was just going to mess around and shoot some fun photo’s with my cousin nothing to serious. Well he told me that a couple years ago he had went walking down this path and found a old car that was just sitting in the woods. So I said let’s go cause shooting old cars is always fun. So we went there and I had him get inside and I took some shots. Well we were almost done and I had him sit in the front seat and looking out as I took the photograph. I wasn’t to sure how great it was going to be untill I got home.  I think so far this might be the best photograph I have took to date. So I am going to go ahead and call it a night. I hope everyone had a great New Years.  

About mjbphotos

I'm a 29 year old male who is working on getting a start on my Photography career. I work very hard on any photoshoot I do. If even is something like a portrait or a landscape photo. I have had a passion for photography ever since I was teenager. I have a 1 year old chihuahua who's name is Ace. He is such a spoiled little thing. I plan to become a professional at some point. I think in the past year I have learned and grown so much as a Photographer. I don't wanna ever stop learning cause the only time you can stop learning is when your dead. Well as for about me I will leave it to the blog's I post for ya to get to know me better. Y'all won't have anything to know if I tell you everything right here. I have some of my work on: modelmayhem.com/2217332 and: ryufirephotos.webs.com also: gplus.to/mjbphotos Genres: As for these I am willing to shoot anything. I love everything about photography and willing to learn how to shoot anything. I right now though can shoot senior portraits, glamour,family portraits. I will when givin the chance will learn more.

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  1. I truly believe that one day you will touch many peoples lives with your photography. You are on your way to becoming an amazing photographer and I love your work that you do now even if I don’t always express myself the way you want or expect me to, I still appreciate everything you do. Your passion for photography has greatly inspired me to work harder on myself and things that I really like doing. I know things are tight in our house right now and everything but I’m glad you know that I support you as much as I can in everything you do. I love you very much and keep up your hard work and dedication and I will love to be there with you every step of the way.

  2. That was a really touching letter. I really do believe that we (and when I say “we”, I mean all people) have the power to effect change in the lives of those around us. Sometimes those changes are big, other times they’re small. In any case, being able to touch someone through photography is a huge honor and like you, I hope that one day my photography will have a profound effect on others as well.

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